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The Fastkap is a brilliant concept
and a fabulous hard shell camper top alternative - within 30 seconds I either have a covered cargo hauler or full access to my pick-up box. Thanks for a truly ingenious design that is so well built.
Mike Day

The Fastkap Convertible Canopy
is the most versatile device for a truck box ever made in my opinion. I am more than pleased with mine and recommend it highly to anyone looking for a truck cap.
Rene Wilson

Even my 10 year old son
can open and close the Fastkap it glides so easily. No more crawling into the topper to get at our cargo. HOORAY!!! I would never own another kind of truck bed cover. Fastkap rocks! Thanks,
Kathy Coleman

Wherever I go
people are always asking about my Fastkap and I'm always proud to show it off. Very Impressive.
H. E. Harmon

The stainless steel box rails

and the fiberglass cab spoiler give my truck an upgraded, sporty appearance. Thanks for such a well made, useful and stylish product!
Bill Estes

Best of all worlds...
I have had many trucks over the years with many types of box covers - roll away, tonneau and hard top covers. Fastkap gives me the best of all worlds.
Rick Vincent - Central Valley Truck

I saw the Fastkap on a truck
about a year before I purchased mine. When I bought my truck, I bought the Fastkap and have been very very happy with this top. Now I have the versatility I was looking for - the ability to carry tall items, my canoe, etc. Fastkap also gives my truck a very classy look! A sincere thank you for a truly great top.
Dave P.

Fastkap is the best choice for a
pickup truck bed cover, period. We've had ours on two separate trucks over the last seven years. I am simply amazed how well your cap has held up as it is retracted and expanded multiple times per day due to the nature of our business. It's ability to roll away in less than a minute has saved me an enormous amount of time, over the past few years. Outstanding!!!! Brian Hannigan
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